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11/01/14 03:43 PM #2    

Melinda Walker (Yzaguirre)

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Zorina's passing. I have a few memories of her. The first one that comes to mind is her handwriting. She could write smallest words I had ever seen. I don't know why, but it was fascinating to me. We shared "home making class" with Ms Felio. Cooking and sewing. We had a bond for those couple years. She seamed like someone with a "hard to get to know" personality.  But, we shared a few laughs and got along nicely. I know that she had became employed by OPD. And was employed there for quite some time. I send my thoughts and prayers to her family and loved ones. Cheers to this fine Lady! 

11/03/14 07:01 AM #3    

Sallie Blair

I was feeling well enough to attend the memorial service for Zorina and was really glad I did.  There were several "familiar" faces at the service that was actually quite a "simple" one....but very "powerful".  Her son made some very heartfelt comments to the people there as did several friends, family, and past/present coworkers, etc.  A friend of her son's sang two really beautiful songs,,,almost sang them acapella (a real tear-jerker for sure).  I was privileged to be able to meet some of her family including her partner, who also works for the City of Odessa, and her son and his friend that did the songs.  A beautiful memorial for a very memorable woman...go, Zorina, be free and safe in the arms of the Father...and thank you for your many years of service to the people in the big "O".  (A memorial donation of bibles was given to the Gideons International,, Inc. on behalf of the students of the Class of 1984)..

11/03/14 09:43 AM #4    

Valerie Thomas (Coppedge)

I am so sorry to hear about Zorina's passing, we were good friends in school, played basaketball together, awesome friend, she will be missed.

11/03/14 11:32 AM #5    

Veronica Catano (Fritschen)

So sad.

11/03/14 01:11 PM #6    

Lorraine G. Regalado (Wilson)

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Zorina Saldana.  She will be missed!

11/04/14 07:47 PM #7    

Oralia Gonzalez (Yanez)

Zorina was part of our OHS basketball team. She was super fast and athletic. One of the memories with Zorina is that one time I was passing the ball to our other teammate, Dalia. Then here comes Zorina zooming to catch the ball and goes out of bounds. This is where she got her nickname Zorro! (like the superhero) :) 

Zorina was a joyful soul and always someone that could laugh with. It was sad to hear of her passing and she will be dearly miss by all. I was very fortunate to have met her and will cherish the fond memories of her.

Sending my prayers to her family and friends,

Oralia Gonzalez 




11/05/14 08:47 AM #8    

Wade Mullis

I too remember "Zorro" as Oralia does.  I hate to hear of her passing. Prayers for her family.

 Enjoy everyday!  Could be your last.

11/06/14 10:17 AM #9    

Ines Franco

I remember seeing Zorina at the Odessa College Sports Center working out with the other cadets from the Odessa Police Academy.  She was amazing to watch because she was strong, fast and athletic.  She would always stop afterwards to say "Hello" to me and we would talk for awhile.  I am glad that she achieved her dream of serving the town of Odessa.  I was so sad to hear about her passing.   My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. 

11/06/14 10:51 AM #10    

Sallie Blair all of the Good Ole' Class of OHS 1984...GO BRONCHOS!! (that was actually for Mr. Freddie Gardner, who is/was the father of our classmate, Mark Gardner...some of you will remember him, some more than others probably.  Just think basketball/football, dad was a fireman with beat old sideboards that nicely spelled out Gardner Tree and Lawn Service (I haven't seen that truck for YEARS so it probably doesn't even exist.  But Mr. Gardmer or Freddie Gardmer was the one who died...and it was a truly sad, sad day for the west side of Odessa.  So, I say all this just to say: in fighting this stupid health crap of my own, HAIL ODESSA HIGH SCHOOL and to all the survivors...of any war, be it military or personal.  And this is all said in honor of the OHS REUNION COMMITTEE--I hated missing the reunion and was so angry I couldn't find it and couldn't find any phone numbers and kept just driving back and forth looking for something I just couldn't find.  I heard it was a blast, though small, and some reall talented Michael Jacksonian break dancers kept us in out years of youth for one more evening.  So to Linda Lawson, I very publicly apologize for e-texting you my feelings and to say, "Thank you reunion committee for refunding my "very sacred" $41.00 by check...I have had it and just didn't know how to say, "okay, Sallie blew it".  And to "Z" Saldana, as her friends and family called her, "Well done, Z, my good and faithful servant" have arrived at the entrance to the "GREATEST PLACE IMAGINABLE ON EARTH"...oh, and the bathrooms are on the right...we know it was a bit of a wait...".  And Zorina sees right in front of her the five cops killed in the line of duty, three at once...and they take her hand, along with her folks (reportedly both deceased) and they all say, "You're here so quick...and she winks and says, "well, it's kind of sad for everyone who loves me...but. actually, I'm right on time!!  Now what about all those OHS alumni...we need to have a get together!!!

**  I wrote this as part of my "recovery" from years of any and everything (but NOT HARD DRUGS...NOOOO)...I saw way too much in high school to not be effected by what my peers were doing to themselves and their families...and Sallie Social Worker was conceived and became "a social worker" pretty much out of the womb.  While I didn't know Z personally, I remember her from way, way back...early OHS if not sooner.  I, too, remember you, two hung together and it was five days that she was actually here awaiting the funeral and I just so happened to see the write-up in the paper...she died in "Irion County" which is, I believe, where she grew up.  Anyway, in memory of our very good friend, Glen Cobos, please leave any more comments you recall about her because, I guarantee, someday they will be priceless to the family and to her friends and pretty my the entire City of Odessa!!!!!

11/06/14 11:43 AM #11    

Sallie Blair

And, no, I didn't spell-check the "above - noted"...just put it on the "agenda" for things to bring up and address at the next "board meeting in the sky" (I know there's something like that...gotta be...all you angels would get to pulling pranks on the "greenies"/"preemies" -- whatever they call the "little children" in heaven.  Anyway, by text, I'm letting my District Represemtative Angel to just put that on the agenda and Z and I can "hash things out" when I get there...and I'm thinking a good "whupass" time to raise money for "whatever" the heavenly committee needs...we'll just broadcast it pay per view, collect an outrageous fee (so people think it's really "all that"), and just play-act it...and folks, if you know anyone that isn't jennifer lopez or beyonce', but who can "fight like a girl", and sees blood where there is competition, send them my way.  We could do a real military/police academy/girlsinthahood/nopointytoebootsallowed(forobviousreasons),zacbowenchickenfriedsteak,lawenforcement,and applepie wrestlin' match out at my folks and film it, edit and cut, slice and dice, and upload.  It goes to the TV during a well-planned marketing whuppah some weekend when the comboys are playing the indiands (washington redskins), advertise it online as a "blip" ad (only a few thousand minimum/why we're using a glitch ad at. like midnight, and then upload it, watch the money roll in, let it "ride itself out", and with a VERY GOOD business/entertainment atty and accountant, take EVERYTHING along with EVERY RECEIPT (bit or small...after a MAJOR project, a lot of the "set" can be leased and that is what we want to do (that is what tons of famous but OLD musicians do...they ride around in a bus and if they don't want the headache and expense of pulling (sometimes 1 - ?) eighteen wheelers around with roadies, etc., they hire a leasing company and lease only what the musicians need.  i.e.  Fitzco of Midland specializes in this and they have done many rigs for some very small bands with BIG NAMES.  So, we can do it...I sit at home and stare at the TV or the wall or XOXOX, and most of this is very possible because people do seem to still have a few "ties" out here and the holidays are coming up.  Anyway, the pitch is let's see what happens.  We can even talk to the class of 1985 and have them do the choreography/dancing, etc., and we list Class of 1984 as the "gifting class" and then just do a percentage of money raised based on a contract and the C of 85 wins, we win because we'll get some percentage, and then we can put it in the Reunion Committee coffers for future reunions...and maybe at our next reunion, we will be able to afford doing a "small and fun" reunion, calculate a percentage of the amount we need to "get", calculate and tabulate our "target group" (people in the surrounding area within 50 miles of the high school (which is all of Midland, West Odessa, parts of little bitty "sinkhole" towns like Goldsmith (that was for you, Wade), I mean, if we provided transportation to and from, say, Brownfield, TX, that is a one hour drive, we could probably just get a couple of Suburbans from local alumni, and run a "reunion party bus" to Lubock...ha ha...and if we do a "public service announcement" on KBAT and KGOLD (oldies and roadies I call it), then we can "catch" some of those of us who fought in the Gulf War, and did or didn't become injured and/or dead, and call it a "memorial fundraiser".  Remember, it only takes one good EMCEE, better even yet is a pair (Wade and Linda I nominate you) and  bunch of our old some more beat up than others classmattes to show up and they do the VERY BRIEF explanation of the video and the "makings of it" and then "BOOM" out comes the show....CUT/CLIP/EDIT/EDITMORE/EDITALITTLEMORE/upload and then we sit back and wait...and when the money is here, I would like to just makle a motion to memorialize the ones who have died in the past two to five years, and then share a "survivors" section of any and everyone who has taken a "life beating" lately, death, job change. emptynest syndrome/blahblahblah and we show their "happy, loving, surviving" family and/or just them and their four dogs, two goats, lamb, horse, and chickens...oh, and dogs Charlie, Zoe, Freddie, blahblahblah and say, "welcome to our memorial hoedown and yippee yi yay ki yo" and we are here to MAKE MONEY...LOTS OF MONEy (purpose of Yippee Yi Yay Ki Yo) and to assist, with funds, hunting trips, whatever (like make a wish foundation for the Class of 1984).  Having been on both sides of the table, folks, I can tell you the people in need are IN don't "play the victim" in Midland Tx for very long without being run out of the neighborhood, "the hood", the drug houses, the bridges...and we're seeing way too much of it for our police, sheriff, and lawmen to fight it on their own.  I truly believe that before this growing boom stops, we as citizems will largely be patrolling our own please, pray for our area if that is all you can do because that is, I believe, what we out here in the west Texas "sticks" needs more than anything...for men and women in the community to "step up" and begin confronting their friends, neighbors, anyone, to SLOW DOWN; STOP TALKI NG AND PAY ATTENTION: and HAVE A NICE DAY...because we ALL deserve the SAME basic rights!!!  amen and court is adjourned...ha ha

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